What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is very dynamic, it allows normal static glass to become alive and multifunctional. This technology allows for the control of different forms of light including visible light, UV light, and IR. Commonly known as Privacy Glass, this product is based on technologies that allow materials like tempered glass to switch from frosted to clear, on demand.


Smart Glass Philippines is the Pioneer in bringing Smart Glass Technology in the Philippines dated back from its first ever project accomplished in 2015. Focusing on providing Innovative Building Solutions, Smart Glass Philippines seeks to provide for the growing demand of Smart Glass in vast sectors in the Country. The company was founded and continues to be built on its Vision to provide the Highest Quality Smart Glass and Guaranteed Best Price in the market.

Our Mission

As the Pioneer in Smart Glass Technology in the Country since 2015, We Aim to supply the Philippines growing demand and transition towards Innovative Building Solutions, focusing on Smart Glass.

Our Vision

To be the leading supplier of Smart Glass Technology in the Philippines, acknowledged for Quality, Integrity, and Customer Service .

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